Who Are We?

The Birth of Sweet Ride

It was in early 2014 when a couple of guys started talking about selling online.

Everywhere they turned for instruction told them to follow their passions.

Being motorcycle enthusiasts from a young age they quickly jumped in to the creating amazing products for bikers. 

The boys started out selling shirts with well known phrases that had never been seen before... (Remember the saying “Yes, I have a retirement plan... I plan on riding”... well that was them and they were quickly copied across the internet in every different niche imaginable.)

What sets Jonathon van Dries and Sam Johnson apart is their ability to create meaningful pieces from nothing. Speaking from the heart and connecting with the biker community.

Their metal art encompasses a life lived and loved on the road and allows their loyal following to fall even deeper in love with their lifestyle when they can't be in the saddle.

Sweet Ride was built off the success of “Life is One Sweet Ride with You By My Side”, a piece that celebrates the family aspect of riding.

Whilst the store is new, the guys have been in and around the community for some time and aim to create the best, most meaningful products for bikers on the internet.

Thank you for being a part of the community! God bless and stay safe.