Motorcycle Art that Will Make You Feel Like a True Biker

Motorcycle Art that Will Make You Feel Like a True Biker

At first thought, motorcycle art might seem like a bit of a contradiction. 

The rough, burly image of a group of bikers out on the open road on their bikes, and the finesse of a beautiful piece of art that’s had hours of work put into it to get it just right. 

But the fact is that bikers and art do go hand in hand. It goes without saying that a bike itself is a fine piece of work, too (not to even mention the tattoos)! But whether it’s a bike gang emblem or a motorcycle painting, biker art takes on many forms

If you’re looking to decorate a pool room, garage or study with some unique biker art, you’ve come to the right place. 

Sweet Ride’s range of custom-made bike art looks great in just about any room.

All our pieces of biker wall art are made from industrial-strength metal and plasma cut in Arkansas, USA - more on that later. 

Metal Motorcycle art

Throughout history, motorcycles have been associated with a certain type of freedom accompanied by a lifestyle that says ‘I make my own rules’. The symbolism of freedom and rebellion is one taken to many people nowadays, from motorcycle gang members to businessmen who love nothing more than their ride and the open road of a weekend. 

Our range of metal biker art is an eye-catching way to spice up wherever you work or ride - be that the living room or garage! 

If you’re not part of this lifestyle and simply enjoy the sound of an HD, the shine of its steel and the culture around bikes, our range of metal motorcycle art is a great way for you to keep feeding your passion. 

Hang a metal motorcycle mural in your study, so that when you’re snowed under with work, you’re always reminded of the freedom of the open road. 

Biker wedding gifts

As you can see from the image below, many of our customers are biker couples.

For these lovers, their love of bikes have more than likely brought them together, and there’s every chance that’ll it’ll be one of the reasons that they stay together.  

If you’re a newly wedded biker couple, or you know some newly wedded bikers or someone that's about to tie the knot, then our biker couple wall art will make the perfect biker wedding gift for them!


Simply pick the design you’d like, then enter the anniversary date and the names and/or surname of your biker couple. 

Pick the finish, either matt black, bronze or steel and then place your order. Your custom biker wedding gift will arrive on your doorstep no more than 3 weeks after it’s been ordered. 

Motorcycle Anniversary Gifts

And if you've been married for some time and looking for the PERFECT Motorcycle Anniversary Gift? The Happily Married Biker Couple Metal Wall art is absolutely perfect.

You can tell by the amount of 5-star reviews just how much people love this art!

Patriot Biker art

Harley Davidson is a symbol of American strength, patriotism, and freedom. HD is a quintessentially American brand, making bikes in the United States, with American workers and American made products. 

Sweet Ride supports America and American workers. If you love your country the way Harley Davidson loves America, show off your patriotism with an American-made piece of metal biker wall art. 

Our range of biker wall art is made in Arkansas, home to some of the best-known Chopper companies in the world. Our factories produce our American biker wall art by plasma cutting your custom design from a sheet of American steel. So you can be sure that not only is your wall art made in the USA, it’s made from American materials, too. 

If you’d like to bring a bit of the freedom that the open road brings into your house, use motorcycle art to do just that. Our custom metal art is designed by bikers, for bikers. Plus, we can even create something unique just for you


Take a look at our range of American made biker art and find the ideal gift for yourself or another biker in your life. 

Be sure to also check out all our happy customers and see how they’re bringing a little bit of that open-road freedom into their houses!

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