16 of the Best Motorcycle Shirts for the Biker in your life

16 of the Best Motorcycle Shirts for the Biker in your life

16 of the Best Motorcycle Shirts for the Biker in your life

If you’re looking for motorcycle Shirts for your wife, husband, partner, or just about anyone - you’re in the right place. 

Biker shirts are some of the best gifts because they’re cheap, can easily be customized and if you want to add a bit more of a biker look, just rip the sleeves off!

Here you’ll find a handful of our favorite motorbike t-shirts, that make ideal gifts for the biker in your life!

Remember: All of our shirts are print and shipped in the US. 

Men’s Motorcycle Shirts

Since coronavirus has made us need to keep our distance socially, there’s no better time to get on your bike. Don’t keep 6 feet away from people, stay miles away from everyone. This shirt is the perfect way to show of your definition of social distancing.

There’s nothing quite like the traditional ‘born to ride’ shirt. It’s a simple statement that resonates with any of us, and the wardrobe of a biker isn’t complete without a shirt that states what you were put on earth to do. 


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Women’s Biker T-Shirts

While there’s nothing quite like seeing your girl in your own clothing, the ladies like to have shirts that are made just for them. And below, you’ll find out shirts that won’t let anyone forget that that lady loves her bikes. 

Biker girls are not princesses. They're real women, with tattoos, they swear, they’re not perfect, but they’re perfect because of that. They also make the best moms. This girly motorcycle shirt is for the girl in your life who wants to give a middle finger to all the insta-barbies and their pouty faces. 

If your girl loves her bike, gift her this ride safe cross necklace

Nothing says love like 2 lovers on a bike. And this shirt is the perfect way for a girl to show off that the only thing more important to her than a bike, is her man. 

If your man and his bike mean the world to you, there’s no better way to show it off to the world than this shirt. If you’re the reason he still has that fire in his heart, make sure that he’s got a shirt that also tells the world about it. Check out the perfect match for this Women’s motorcycle shirt here

His & Her Harley Shirts

Husband and wife - and the open road. If your idea of marital bliss is putting miles of space behind you, then these shirts, that come in both his and hers are a fantastic addition to your collection. 

If the free road brings you and your other half closer together, then these motorcycle shirts are perfect for you. The wild adventure of traveling on your bike is sure to make your relationship stronger.

Without a doubt, his and her shirts are an awesome way to show off your love for each other, and your love for the open road. This matching his and her motorcycle shirts are a fantastic anniversary gift for the bike-couple in your life. 

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If you’re not the most romantic guy, and your (former) girl made you pick between your hog and her - well, then this is the ideal motorcycle shirt for you to show to the world how you really feel. 

Biker Grandpa shirts

If your old boy is a grandpa that loves his bike, then what better gift for him than a motorcycle shirt that he’ll love. Our collection of bike shirts for grandpas are sure to put a smile on the dial of your dad or grandpa and make him want to get out on the open road. 

If frail, quiet and lazy are not words to describe your biker grandpa, then this is the perfect shirt for him. If his idea of a great Saturday is being out on the road rather than in the garden, then he’ll truly love this shirt and wear it around with pride. 

An awesome personalized shirt for your husband or dad, this shirt is great for any biker who’s not quite the nicest person if they haven’t been on the road for a while!

Nothing says badass like gray hair, a salt & pepper beard and a great big bike. And this long sleeve shirt is a great way to show that you’re embracing everything there is about owning a bike - or 7. 

Motorcycle Riding Shirts

If God is as important to you as your bike, then show it off to the world. This shirt is subtle, well made and shows off the things you love - your bike and god. If you’re feeling cheeky, you may just be able to wear it under your Sunday dress shirt when you go to church! Grabs yours today.

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The road has its own rules. And if those rules are the ones that you live by, tell the world. This shirt is simple, but it makes a hell of a statement - my bike and the road is what I need. Get yours and tell those around you what’s important to you. 

It might be after a big day of working on the bike, it might be after a big day of drinking with the boys, but snoring is just a sign that you’re having a good sleep - and that you want to be a motorbike when you grow up. Embrace the fact that you do an awesome Harley impression when you sleep and wear this shirt with pride!

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If you’re after a motorcycle shirt for the biker in your life or a special gift for motorbike riders, Sweet Ride has got just about anything you could ask for. 

Check out our various collections, find the ideal gift, and even get it customized. 

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